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Life Saver Foundation Medical Support Cases

Just a small gesture of Kindness make a huge Difference in saving this baby's life .

HELP THIS Child  Baby of Nillu Vijendra Jaiswal 4 months old, who is Suffering from Congenital Heart Disease, Large VSD, severe PAH. She is presently care for her heart aliment at “Bai Jerbai Wadia Hospital for Childern” Mumbai, under Dr. B.R Panda.

Estimated cost of the treatment by the Hospital is Rs. 2,00,000/- INR 

Family has spent lots of money for treatment of their Child. Now they are unable to afford the same and need assistance. Surely you will sympathetically review this appeal and support the child.

Life saver foundation is a child welfare organization which works relentlessly in the field of health, education & nutrition among the underprivileged children in our country. In addition to the above, LSF also works for early symptoms and detection of major illnesses like heart disease, cancer and other life-threatening illness. Life saver foundation is an independent organization with no religious, political or government affiliation.